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Established in 2021 by songwriting duo Monii & Johnny R., Asteroid Music Team was founded as a one-stop-shop to cater to all your musical needs with creativity and passion at the forefront! We handle every aspect of music production, streamlining the process for you to bring your vision to life!
We have an extremely diverse portfolio, contributing music to K-Pop groups, J-Pop groups, VTubers and Video Games! We are comfortable with various genres, with our most popular being K-Pop, Electronic and Pop-Indie!
From creating the perfect instrumental, creating captivating melodies and harmonies, writing catchy and compelling lyrics, and fine-tuning the mix and master – we do it all right here as a package deal!
With our unique team of talented writers & producers we are able to mix and match depending on your music taste, this service is tailored to your specific desires and needs in your music!
More information about our services are on our F.A.Q page!


Founder, Singer, Songwriter, Lyricist

Monii is a songwriter, vocalist & lyricist from Georgia, USA. You'll typically find her gaming & eating sweets. Her skills focus mainly on k-pop and indie inspired sounds. She also oversees the business side of the team.

Founder, Singer, Songwriter, Mixing Engineer

Johnny is a songwriter, vocalist, mixing engineer & vocal producer from Bath, England. Growing up surrounded by music, due to the influence of his family, was the spark for his love of songwriting. Always the life of the party, he is an extremely sociable person.

Producer, Songwriter, Mixing Engineer, Lyricist

KIRA is a producer, songwriter and mixing engineer from Germany. He first found success within the Vocaloid scene. He is currently on semi-hiatus!

In-House Artist

Mimi is an artist, mangaka and character designer from The United States. She's obsessed with anything purple and her cats.


Our Partnered producers we work with regularly!





Birthday: May 19th
Type: INFP

Monii is a Co-Founder, Songwriter, Lyricist, Vocalist, Vocal Director, and Team Manager for Asteroid Music Team. Originating from Georgia, USA, Monii's artistic journey began as an eccentric child, writing short stories exploring macabre or challenging subjects. She is heavily influenced by Paramore, Dosii, Red Velvet, and SHINee, being described as a songwriter with a unique ability to weave together many different genres.Monii values infusing double, triple, or unlimited meanings into her songs, reflecting her contemplative and emotional nature. Characterized as bubbly and odd yet organized, she loves spicy food, gaming despite being bad at it, crafting small decrepit creatures from clay, and has a particular passion for Attack on Titan.


Birthday: September 28th
Type: ENFP

Johnny is a Co-Founder, Songwriter, Mixing Engineer, Vocalist and Vocal Director of Asteroid Music Team. Originally hailing from Bath, England but now residing in Texas, Johnny always had a talent for singing from a young age as he grew up in a musically inclined family. He has a particular talent for creating rich & interesting harmonies you won’t find anywhere else.Everyone who knows Johnny will tell you he’s the most outgoing and energetic person with a unique ability to turn any tense moment into a hilarious one, no matter the situation. His musical inspirations include 2NE1, Red Velvet, Britney Spears, Kylie Monogue, and Hannah Diamond. Beyond music, Johnny's interests extend to K-pop, the Bayonetta series, and talking in circles for hours with seemingly no end.


Birthday: April 2nd
Type: ISFP

Kira is a Producer, Songwriter, Audio Engineer, Lyricist & resident chicken in Asteroid Music Team. KIRA often calls himself the “Britney Spears of the VOCALOID Community”.KIRA's musical journey began at the age of 12, with no prior experience and quickly made a name for themselves within the VOCALOID community. As a vocaloid fan since elementary school, he wrote his most popular song, "MONSTER", at just 16. His incredibly catchy music is instantly recognizable with his signature dance pop style. Beyond the studio, KIRA finds joy in sleep, pop music, cute animals, lemon ice tea, rollercoasters, and shopping. Meeting Monii & Johnny in 2022 they quickly became co-writers & close friends, officially joining Asteroid Music Team in 2023.


Birthday: September 17th
Type: ISTJ

Meet Mimi - the in-house artist, costume and character designer of Asteroid Music Team. Mimi's skills revolve around anime-style character illustrations, color theory, and expressive creations. Growing up as the designated "art kid” in school, she has a natural eye for color theory, dynamics, and focal points in her art.Mimi's talents also delve into VTubing, manga creation, and singing. Her art style is incredibly unique & she has a distinctive approach to visual storytelling. While not holding a drawing pen, Mimi’s likes include strawberries, noodles, cats, J-pop and, of course, everything purple.

Our Work



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Our In-House Artist: MIMI

Our in-house artist Meotashi, also known as Mimi, can make any vision you have come to life! She specializes in ethereal and cute looks while also being quite versatile!Available for any client of Asteroid Music Team.

Our Work


Kiara Takanashi - Do u

Our team members Monii, Johnny & KIRA composed, wrote & produced Kiara Takanashi's 5th single & first 3D music video 'DO U'!

Artist: Kiara Takanashi
Song: DO U
Released: September 18th 2022
Company: COVER Corp.

Raon 라온 - NEON

Our team members Monii, Johnny & KIRA participated in RAON's 5th original single 'NEON'!

Artist: RAON
Song: NEON
Released: May 31st 2023
Company: Accelers / Universal Music Japan


Our team members Monii, Johnny & WD participated in &Team's first EP 'First Howling: WE' with the song '月が綺麗ですね' (Tsuki ga Kirei desu ne).

Artist: &TEAM
Song: 月が綺麗ですね
Released: June 14th 2023
Company: HYBE Labels Japan

14.06.23 - #1 ORICON Album Charts with 116,000 sales
19.06.23 - #1 BILLBOARD Japan Album Sales

Kiara Takanashi - Point of View [ALBUM]

Our team participated in every new song on Kiara Takanashi's 1st Album 'Point of View'! We assisted in everything from lyrics, toplining, production, backing vocals, concepts & mixing/mastering!

Artist: Kiara Takanashi
Songs: Pineapple, Sleep Talking, The Great Wanderer, Love Rush, Retrospective, DO U
Released: August 29th 2023
Company: COVER Corp.


Our team members Monii & Johnny toplined & wrote lyrics for 'HOP HOP' as a feature the game AZUR LANE, starring their character Laffey II.Game: Azur Lane
Released: December 25th 2023
Company: Yostar


Our team members Monii, Johnny & KIRA wrote, produced and sang 'NICE TYPE' which was featured in the game MUSE DASH as a part of their October 2023 DLC. With an infectious beat and melodies you can't help but sing along to, we hope you'll love this release!Game: Muse Dash
Released: December 21st 2023
Company: Peropero Games


Our team members Monii, Johnny & KIRA wrote and produced this song, marking their 3rd single release with Takanashi Kiara.Artist: Takanashi Kiara [Hololive EN]
Released: April 5th 2024


Our team members Monii, Johnny & KIRA wrote and produced this song as their first original song as a trio 'ASTEROID'. Featuring popular vocal synth, Kasane Teto!Artist: Asteroid [KIRA, Monii, Johnny R]
Released: October 23rd 2023

Mixing & Mastering by johnny r

Johnny is our in-house mixing engineer with years of experience with professional artists, indie artists & coverists alike! With Johnny, your song will sound radio ready!

For pricing, please contact us through our contact page or directly through
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- Please contact us via our contact form or directly through e-mail for a quote on your project or if you have any questions.

Q: What are your rates?

A. Our rates vary greatly depending on many factors. For an accurate quote, please contact us via our contact form or a direct e-mail!

Q: How long will it take to complete my project?

A. This will entirely depend on our current workload. Generally, you can expect a final demo within a month or sooner. If you need a solid timeline, please contact us.

Q: I just want to commission you for lyrics, harmonies, vocals or mixing/mastering. Can I?

A. Yes, we provide the individual services listed above. The availability for these services are limited as our focus is on creating full songs.

Q: Do you make VTuber BGM?

A. We do not make traditional VTuber BGM as we focus on songs with vocals.

Q: My question isn't answered here.

A. Give us an e-mail and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! ~

Asteroid Music Team was founded in 2021 as a one-stop shop complete service production team by songwriting duo Monii & Johnny. Specializing in K-Pop, we are no stranger to a wide array of genres and vibes within our music.Gathering our group of multiple songwriters and producers with credits for artists and groups such as HYBE's Enhyphen and &TEAM, LOONA, Hololive's Kiara Takanashi and Mori Calliope as well as Nijisanji, our goal is to create the perfect sound for you! We will pair you with the perfect songwriters & producers in our team for the sound you want for your project!We're music lovers who strive to make the best possible songs for anyone who entrusts us with their music!

ABOUT MONIIMonii is a singer and 2x platinum songwriter from Georgia, USA. You'll find her gaming and eating sweets after finishing a song. From behind her computer screen in her room, she has worked her way up to write for HYBE artists, LOONA, HOLOLIVE & More!